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  • Adam’s Offers Smoked-Meat Bliss says BY TOM FORSTROM Statesman Journal Aug2, 2003 Mike is from Santa Maria, Calif. The town is known for barbecue. In fact, writer Peter Fish called Santa Maria’s barbecue the best in the world in a 1995 article in Sunset magazine. “I grew up learning how to barbecue,” he said. “I’ve got 20 years of barbecuing behind me.” He brought two of Santa Maria’s specialties with him, the tri tip cut of beef, and pinquinto beans, grown only in that area.
  • Tom Forstrom of the Statesman Journal Says Adam’s Rib Gumbo just says “SOUTH” Jan 22, 2004 Adam’s Rib: Thick, hearty, deeply smoked, highly varied in texture, this gumbo just says “South.” I’ve had gumbo in Louisiana, and it was thick like this one. Even the small shrimp tasted smoky. The broth was dark, suggesting a roux that cooked longer. The sausage had some bite.. The shredded chicken is a great touch and gives it another dimension. There were tiny bits of green in this gumbo, and I believe it was okra, but couldn’t tell by the delicate taste. The little shrimp boosted this gumbo’s appeal. On top was plenty of rice. Because of its many elements, this was the most complex gumbo. It also came with a corn muffin.
  • David Steffenson – Eating at your desk can be awesome Statesman Journal – Salem, Or. Sept 1, 2005 The sandwich was neither soggy nor greasy. Normally, I medal in dribbling, but I didn’t need a bib on this day and cleanup was a cinch. Adam’s is a sensory delight, from the wood-smoked smell to the tender pork that melts on the tongue. It’s a shame to eat it at a desk.
  • Ron Cowan Statesman Journal Feb 14, 2008 It’s all about the food, and the food is all about barbecue. “It’s a down-home, good, old-fashioned, mashed potatoes, mac-and-cheese place,” But mostly it’s a family place, catering to all ages. Atmosphere: A funky, casual diner atmosphere with an eclectic mix of antiques, signs and photos; windows overlooking the railroad tracks and busy streets; indoor and outdoor seating (in season) Cuisine: Santa Maria-style wood-smoked barbecue, including beef and pork ribs, turkey, tri-tip, salmon, hamburger and buffalo burgers, chicken strips, salads and gumbo
  • Adam’s Rib Carries the Torch Oct 9 2008 Statesman Journal The Last Man Standing is Adam’s Rib Smoke House, says Ron Cowan, after several BBQ Restaurants close in the Salem area
  • Best of Mid ValleyStatesman Journal April 26, 2009 Adam’s Rib Smokehouse wins Best B.B.Q. in the Mid- Willamette Valley
  • Menu Matters – Goliath challenges heartiest appetites Statesman Journal – May 13, 2009 Adam’s Rib Smokehouse has added a new menu item, and it comes with a challenge. At $19.99, The Goliath Burger has a 2-pound patty, sliced American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions on a 14-ounce bun from Cascade Baking. It is served with a pound of garlic French fries. The challenge? Eat it all within an hour. Winners get the burger for free and a T-shirt that reads, “I conquered Goliath at Adam’s Rib Smokehouse.” Those who choose not to tackle the challenge still can experience the burger with a friend or two. It will be served at the table on a large pizza tray with a steak knife to cut it into pieces.
  • nbbqSpring Issue of Q Magazine 2007, the publication of the National BBQ Association The article is a survey on “What Makes the Best Ribs.” Adams revealed his secret ingredient is nutmeg. For pork, he starts with a basic brown sugar and sea salt and includes garlic, granulated onion, black pepper, paprika and a little cayenne pepper. For beef, Adams stays away from the sugar. He primarily does a dry rub and uses a glaze only when asked. Adams says he prefers to use a wood fire, primarily mesquite and red oak.